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With stamp duty set to rise by 3% next year for second homes and buy to let properties it might be worth considering setting up a limited company.

Limited company applications for buy to let mortgage hit their highest level on our records in September, with applications up three times the level seen in the same month last year. Buy to let finance accounts for a quarter of all buy to let mortgages and finance demand through limited company lending, up from 13 per cent a year ago” Based on a recent report by The Kent Reliance Buy To Let Britain 2015

We urge all our landlords to tax specific tax advice, we also have a number of properties that can be purchased and completed on before the increase. Natalie Willson an experienced Buy To Let advisor can help you source a purchase in the area, provide expertise, advicse and assistance on negotiation of the purchase at the correct price. All advice will based on her securing, letting and managing the property for you whilst providing you an excellent return. Natalie is contactable in Woking on 01483 776977 or [email protected]